Yes, another homeschooling blog...

P'once a little time there was a girl. This girl grew up to be a Mamma to three little girls all very much like herself. And this little Mamma knew she just had to have a place of her own to keep all things home school right at her fingertips.

Wish List

Audobon Field Guides: Trees, Plants, Insects 

A Globe

Geo Safari Human Body Undercover Anatomy Kit

Rock Tumbler:
This doesn't need to come with all the jewelry making extras. Just a standard rock tumbler...

      Holling C. Holling Books: Seabird, Paddle to the Sea, Tree in the Trail, Minn of the Mississippi... 

Arthur Ransome Books: Peter Duck, Winter Holiday, Coot Club, We didn't mean to go to Sea, The Big Six, Pigeon Post, Secret Water, The Picts & the Martyrs, Great Northern?
      Books by David Macauley: Cathedral, Ship, City
      Tove Jansen Books: Comet in Moominland, Midsummer Madness...
      Red & Blue Fairy Books
      Jean Fritz American History books 

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise