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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Night Sky... Part II

We are very excited for our star gazing next month. We found a great lunar telescope at a garage sale to help get us in the mood :) I hope to get our $20 worth of it this month.

Star Gazing Events in July:

Moon will be in New phase July 11. Apparently there is also a total solar eclipse on this date as well though it will not be visible to any part of the Northern Hemisphere.

Mercury will be difficult to see this month as it will still be in conjunction with the sun.

Venus and Mars will both be in the evening sky in the constellation of Leo.

Also in the evening sky Saturn will still be in Virgo this month in twenty-10.

In the early morning, look to the constellation of Pisces to find Jupiter.

So let's grab our flashlight, blanket and our star map and go star-gazing!

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