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Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 10: November 15 - 20

Latin Continue Lesson 8
    Exercises A, B, C - For these exercises, I should consider making a sheet of reference for Mara to glance at to prevent frustrations. She will be taking English sentences and translating the idea into Latin; this is not a new concept but the format is a bit more formal than what she has been used to in previous exercises. If it proves not to have enough challenge for her, I can always take away the reference element.
    This is a very busy week of visitors, with that said, and if time allows it would be nice to get into this first bit of Chapter 9. Introduce the concept of "predicate nominative" so that next week's lesson we can go into the Latin side with Chapter 10 by mid-week.

History - Chapter 36: The Birth of Christ - Timeline picture
Q&A for Chapter Review: 
    We can read about Jesus in the four books of the Bible called the Gospels. Many people celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas day. The people who followed Jesus became known as Christians. Jesus was born in an area called Judea which was once known as Jerusalem. Mary was the mother of Jesus. The Gospel of Luke says that after Jesus died, he was put into a tomb, and after 3 days he came back to life. The years after Jesus' birth are called A.D. which means in the year of our Lord in Latin.

Mathematics - Unit 7 Terms: 1 ten, ordinal numbers, hundred chart
     Continue working in groups of ten. Activity: make 10 groups of ten. Use lentils, rice, pasta... whatever we have in the house. Be able to count by tens with ease by Friday. 

Science - Kingdom Fungi
    Read Science chapter aloud. Mara can read as much aloud as she is comfortable. Discuss. Think about layout for lapbook Fungus page.

  • Finish Heidi this week
  • Library on Tuesday, find new books
  • Burgess animal book
  • Aesop fable
    Journal Page ideas for the week:
  • Page Fungus
  • Birth of Christ
  • Bible verses
  • Burgess animal page
As for schooling these next couple weeks, we are going to try to get as much done as we can, though with it being the last stretch in our stay, we may play hookey a bit more often to take advantage of the sights one more time around. I know we will very likely stay relatively active in school throughout the holidays as boredom tends to creep in when we fall away from studies for too long.

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