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Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 9: November 8 - 12, 2010

   Monday: Review of chapter 7, Make certain vocabulary is memorized. Verb chant while Mara looks at her pictures from last week. Noun chant.
   Tuesday: Begin Chapter 8. Quick oral vocal quiz. "State of being" verb: 4pp: sum, esse, fui, futurum; Do a sum chant today along with a noun chant and regular verb chant. This three should be chanted everyday this week and stars should be given as a reward.
   Wednesday: Complete Exercise A in Lesson 8. Sum chant, regular verb chant, noun chant. Write Sum chant on wipeable board for help.
   Thursday: Using all vocab, I say Latin sentences and Mara is to illustrate the idea... or we can discuss the idea with prompted questions such as: "Who is doing the action? How many are there? What is he doing? When is he doing it? How do you know" Review of Exercise B Lesson 7 and Appendix 1. Sum chant, regular verb chant, noun chant.
   Friday: Read the "Just for Fun" story in Latin. Have Mara narrate the idea of the story back in English. Do exercise C, Lesson 8. Allow Mara to write her own Latin Sentences. Perhaps relate them to her own story. Sum chant, regular verb chant, noun chant.

   **Something to think about. When we get back home consider making a Latin vocab felt story board. This might be a great way to incorporate learning play.

    Kingdom Protista.
    Monday: Read through Chapter. Plan next page for Kingdom Lapbook. Include the Animallike Protists: Amoebas, Flagellates, Paramecium, and Sporozoa. Plantlike Protists: Algea, Seaweed and Funguslike Protist: Slime molds, water molds, and downy mildew
    Tuesday: Review Chapter and work on lapbook page. May have to consider setting aside another day for lapbook depending on how we are doing for time. There is a lot to cover with Protista.

    Finish Lesson 6 on Monday, Begin Lesson 7 on Tuesday. Work on this each day.

    Chapter 35 (Octavius) Augustus Caesar. Make a Laurel Wreath Crown.
History Q/A for Review:
    After the death of Julius Caesar, three men ruled the Roman Empire. What are two of their names? Antony and Octavius. Octavius who stayed in the West declared war on Antony and Cleopatra in the East. Cleopatra died when she was bitten by an asp.  Octavius became Rome's first Emperor.  The Senate then changed Octavius' name to Augustus Caesar. What month is named after Augustus Caesar? August He once said that he found Rome as brick and left it of marble. Two very well-known Latin poets also lived during the Augustan Age. Their names were Virgil and Horace.

   Read aloud Antony's speech in Shakespeare's, Julius Caesar.
   Finish Heidi: Monday chapters 7, 8, 9
   The Island Story Chapter 5?
   Aesop's Fables
    Journal Page Ideas:
    •    Music by Walter de la Mare
    •    Bible Verses
    •    Prayer

Monday Notes:
    I am continually impressed with how well Mara is doing in her Latin. Today she proved with ease that all vocab is memorized along with a verb chant without looking at her notebook. I think I can skip the 'quiz' I had planned for today, because I know she knows this stuff really well. We read over the Just for Fun story again and went through 14 Latin sentences verbally where Mara was able to convey the idea that was being expressed. 

Mathematics was completed through Unit 6, will begin Unit 7 on Tuesday. 

In Science Mara read portions of her text book aloud. We were side by side so that I could help her with any of the tricky vocabulary. After her reading we went over the more important important points and talked about what should be included on her Kingdom Protista page.

All we did in History today was get through the reading. For some reason our morning completely slipped away from us and we found it near 2 in the afternoon by the time we got to History. We're usually ready for outings or reading by this time, but it was raining so we continued reading Heidi. The translation we have with us is, well (Wordsworth), not the greatest, but Mara is really able to follow along and is enjoying the story immensely. This is the last book that we brought with us. I may have to consider buying a new book from an English bookstore before our flight home.

Tuesday Notes:
    In all the excitement of waiting for Nana to arrive we didn't finish all of our schoolwork planned for the day. We did, however, manage to complete the Science Kingdom Protista page. Mara worked on a poetry journal page and drawing and we read Heidi through chapter 12. Not bad for a high-energy day.

Wednesday Notes:
    We got out of the house first thing this morning to show Nana our open market. Mara picked out plums and naval oranges for our fruits for the week and there was some sort of high fashion modeling photo shoot taking place right in the piazza! Just as I finished paying for our organic wine and produce we heard a huge clap of thunder and then began a downpour. We stuck around and watched the excitement until the rain let up before scurrying off to Giolitti for suppli, panini and biscotti. 
   We made it home it seems just in the nick of time, because after safely inside another loud clap of thunder was heard, then a downpour of not just rain but good-sized hail too! Mara began a new math lesson. We are beginning place value this week. Exciting stuff. We did a review of History. We also picked up where we left off with Latin, learning about "state of being." Mara also completed some incomplete journal entries from the past couple days and read some more Heidi.

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