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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sailing Review for the year

Proud Mom moment this summer! Biggest Sister is sailing opti's all by herself now! We'll have to keep brushing up on all these newly acquired skills from the summer and maybe learn a few new tricks while we winter over. These are from the Little Traverse Sailors website which we may sign her up for next summer.

Seaman Third Class      
____Jump into deep water, with PFD - float for 2
         minutes calmly -
____Know the basic parts of a boat (nomenclature)
____Trim mainsail - spill wind
____Raise and lower centerboard
____Know how to balance the boat
____Help completely rig a boat
____Steer a straight course–point to point
____Tie two half hitches
____Demonstrate proper way to cleat a line
____Fold sails correctly
____Trim and tack a jib as crew
____Tie a figure 8 knot – know purpose
____Coil and heave a dock line correctly
____Know hand signals
____Name three ways to protect our lakes
____Tell wind direction three ways

Seaman Second Class
____ Rig a Lido alone in 7 min.
____Calm a person who is afraid of heeling
____Describe proper trim for a reach, run and
____Explain the use of a centerboard – why so very
        important at LTS
____Show you can skipper the boat away from
and to the dock
____Get out of irons - two ways
____Tell how to avoid collisions
____, ____Crew in two LTS races
____Demonstrate tacking with commands
____Show how to head up and fall off
____Tie a square knot and explain usage
____Tie a clove hitch and explain usage
____Sail a reach, run and beat properly
____Display proper use of body weight for
wind conditions
____Climb into a Lido from the water correctly w/ PFD 
____Sail a figure eight course
____Secure a boat and properly stow all
____Identify port and starboard tack six times
____Teach rigging to a Seaman 3rd in a Lido
____ Skipper for a minimum of 20 minutes

____ Demonstrate and explain the proper procedure

         for sailing on and off a beach
____ Name the Points of Sailing
____ Sail a Bug alone        
____Consistantly use proper tiller exchange and proper
         tiller extension use


Seaman First Class
____Rig and unrig Bug, Lido and Pixel alone – 5 min.ea.
____Sail a Lido alone – main only
____Assist an instructor with Seaman Third knots
         and nomenclature
____Show proper trim for a beat
____Show proper trim for a reach
____ Show proper trim for a run with a winged jib
____, ____Skipper in two LTS races
____Safely capsize and right a boat with crew
         using the scoop recovery method – explain and
____Know basic rules of the road - test
____Furl sail (“Point Day” Method)
____Discuss reefing a sail – demonstrate at dock
____Wing a jib properly
____, ____Correctly whip a line and show two
         different instructors (initials needed)
____Tie a bowline knot and know purposes
____Perform a controlled jibe with commands
               while holding mainsheet and tiller
____Sail a triangle course
____Know advanced nomenclature - test
____Explain a racing start
____Demonstrate proper hiking in a Pixel or Hunter
____Use wind direction telltales
____Tell wind direction three ways again
____Do a 360 degree turn around a buoy
____Consistent helmsmanship without
         excessive luffing or falling off
___ Points of sailing sheet
___ Tiller exchange – proper, faster, smoother
___ Review knots and fast cleat knot
___ Teach a Seaman 3rd to rig a Lido
___ Skipper a Bug in a race



____Retrieve a PFD from a beat, reach and run
____Retrieve-submerged object
____Jibe three times, consecutively
____Explain the use of an Outhaul, Cunningham,
Boom Vang
____Know various rigs of boats – test
         p. 98 old Start Sailing Right
____Use jib telltales and explain how to use to trim
____, ____Skipper two LTS races
____Life saving jump and tread water for 5 min.
____Reading the weather (as in SSR)
____Tie a sheet bend knot
____Sail with the jib alone
____Demonstrate a bowline around your body
____Know spinnaker nomenclature
____Make three good dockings in a row
____Crew a Pixel with spinnaker in a race
____Row the LTS boat straight forward,
        backward and maneuver to the dock





____Explain light air sailing
____Explain basic racing rules
____, ____ Skipper two LTS races
____Help an instructor secure boats for the night
____Crew in one Tuesday night race or other sailing
         experience on a bigger boat
____Help class boats land safely
____Stay afloat for ten minutes
____Swim 25 yards
____Explain and demonstrate Quick Turn man
         Overboard recovery method
____Demonstrate windward docking
____Fly and trim a spinnaker
____Reefing review and reef Lido underway
____Demonstrate an eye splice
____Tie a rolling hitch knot
____Sail a square course
____Rig a Pixel for spinnaker
____Row the LTS dinghy properly



____Set and sail a spinnaker boat as crew
____Explain how a sailboat works – Physics of Sailing
____Help rig a keelboat
____Crew in 2 Tuesday night races or two cruising 
         boat experiences
____Explain Corinthian Spirit
 ____Swim 50 yards
____Steer a compass course
____Sail a Lido or Pixel alone 
____Demonstrate a Back-splice
____Sail repair demonstration and equipment
____”S” jibe in heavy air
____PFD student fit judgment – twice
____Skipper a spinnaker boat in a race
____Demonstrate and Explain roll tacking
____Demonstrate correct Man Overboard procedure
____Explain and demonstrate Jibing and Heave To
         Man Overboard methods 


____Plan three Seaman Third lessons
____Explain your plans to an instructor
____Teach your best lesson to a Seaman Third group
         after presenting to at least three instructors
         either at 9:30 or 4:00
____Tired swimmer carry - 50 yards
____Demonstrate and explain crew safety
____Alone on a windy day, drop sails and re-hoist
____Spinnaker reaching and jibing in light and
heavy air
____Read and discuss How Sails Work p. 24-27 
         (26 -29 new), Overboard Recovery p. 66-67,
          Weather, Tides and Currents p. 88-92

in old  Start Sailing Right

____Explain hypothermia and prevention
         p. 13 old Start Sailing Right
____Demonstrate a Braided Splice
____Roll tack and roll jibe well
____Crew in two Tue. night races or two large boat
recreational sailing experiences
____Plan a three day cruise / float plan
____Judge tacking and jibing angles
____Demonstrate a timed Man overboard recovery
____Sail backward
____Starting/stopping & speed control,
____Getting out of irons quickly –
         select port or starboard before beginning
____Tacking, jibing, steering with weight and sails
____Proper sail trim upwind
____Judging laylines without excessive overstanding
         or pinching
____Awareness outside the boat
____Ability to predict wind effects for landing
        appropriate approach angle for conditions,
        decelerate with control to a full luff
        glide to gentle stop with no artificial braking,
        main backing or grabbing on to dock
____Basic Navigation Rules…opposite tacks,
         same tack, overtaking, sail vs. power,
         sail vs. muscle power
____Know basic cloud formations and what they

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