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Friday, February 28, 2014

Update & Book List 2014-15 And Supply list for fun

Another busy year and another slight lull in our school year. Happens to me every.single.year. We just about stop dead in our tracks come March. Hello March 1st tomorrow!  From here on out it takes a little  lot more effort to pick up the momentum to find our way to the end of our school year.

This year I am picking up my excitement levels by buying books for next year and putting general thought into our larger plan for education. I have also registered to attend a Classical Education Homeschooling conference this April. Sounds fun, huh? Jealous? That's what I thought. Well, I'm excited.

Some updates for the year: Okay. Welp. Here goes. Mar has joined the American Heritage Girls back in early September. She also joined the Dinwiddie Archery team, which was fabulous but then it turned cold, and our car broke down and it was just a plain old pain in the neck to get there so we haven't been back since late fall. I should probably look for another Archery team here in Richmond.

Oh yeah, we moved. As in again. We are now Richmond, VA dwellers. On the upside to shoving all your personal belongings back into boxes and into a storage unit we are now part of a greater community with a ton of fabulous activities for the girls to do. (No really, it's not that bad.)

Where was I... Oh yes, updates.

Mar also joined St. Paul's Episcopal Church choir. She's been singing with them for most of the year and loving it. Over the winter we found a local acting group. She will be in her second play soon. Acting classes meet once each week and her instructor is a hoot. Heaven knows I could never have lasted up on that stage! Speaking of music and drama, both Mar & Elle have had their palates whetted to some wonderful Richmond Opera performances this year as well among them Falstaff, The Magic Flute, & Ariadne auf Naxos. Carmen is coming up soon. I do hope I can see that one.

Both Elle and Mar have begun Ballet. Trying to loosen Mara up! She says she rather be in Gymnastics. I'll have to look into that. Elinor just loves ballet, minus that yucky stomach bug that crept up on her at the last practice. yeah, minus that she loves it.

Let's see. Other than that we are looking into more swimming lessons for the girls.. which reminds me, I totally forgot about that deadline today. shoot. I think that's it for now.

Well here is my list so far for our up and coming school year. I'll just pencil in the things I'm eyeballing and color them in as I purchase them... (i like to say i'm going to do something, let's see if it gets done!)

Elle is Purple           Mar is Blue             Shared School Time in Green

  • History of the World, Bauer Book 1 The Ancients- purchased
  • HotW 1 Activity Book- purchased
  • HotW 1 Test Book- purchased
  • Who in the World was the Secretive Printer?- purchased
  • Life of Fred Apples, Butterflies - purchased
  • Life of Fred Cats, Dogs- purchased
  • Life of Fred Kidneys, Liver, Mineshaft, Fractions, Decimals - purchased
  • Math U See, Delta- purchased Instructor Text
  • Math U See Student pages
  • The Creative Writer- purchased
  • Writing with Skill- purchased
Foreign Language
  • Matin Latin- purchased
  • French Reader- purchased
  • Children of Odin
  • Children's Homer
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem
  • Iliad for Boys and Girls
  • Aenied for Boys and Girls
  • Birth of Rome
  • Black Ships before Troy
  • Heros of Asgard
  • Myths of the World
  • Odyssey for Boys and Girls 
  • Odysseus the Wonderer
  • Jungle Books
  • Kim
  • Girls of the Limberlost
  • The Peterkin Papers
  • Mara, Daughter of the Nile
  • Where the Mountain meets the Moon
  • Julius Caesar and other Biographies
  • The Golden Basket
  • Aristotle the Dean of Early Science and other Immortals of Science Biographies
  • Augustus Caesar's World
  • Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

  • Continue to cover and drill concepts discussed in WWE from last year, integrate latin grammar skills, and use writing program to reinforce skills.


  • Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workbook F  ~ Scratch that! We are NOT doing another year of Spelling... Mar is an avid reader and writer and knows her phonics rules well. I think we can safely free up the 45 minutes weekly we spend on spelling and concentrate this time somewhere else! And, of course, Elle is not quite ready for spelling lists. We'll be focusing on sight words this year with her.

School Supplies:
Crayons- buy 12 packs.
Elementary lined journals with illustration space (Elinor)
Blank paper journal for Nature Study/Science x3
Binder lined paper
Binder blank white paper
Perhaps Binder elementary lined with illustration space
Medium Filing storage box to prepare portfolios for each girl
Minimum 10 notebooks
Colored pencils
Glue - 6 bottles
Construction paper - Sams club
Painting smocks
Red pens
Red colored pencils
Erasable black or Blue pen
Index Cards

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