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P'once a little time there was a girl. This girl grew up to be a Mamma to three little girls all very much like herself. And this little Mamma knew she just had to have a place of her own to keep all things home school right at her fingertips.

Long Term Plan

Ancients                            Study in Grades 1, 5, 9
5000 B.C.-A.D. 400
  • Biology
  • Classification
  • Human Body

Medieval-early Renaissance Study in Grades 2, 6, 10
400 - 1600
  • Earth Science
  • Astronomy

Late Renaissance-early       Study in Grades 3, 7, 11
1600 - 1850
  • Chemistry

Modern                               Study in Grades 4, 8, 12
1850 - present
  • Physics
  • Computer Science

 From The Well-Trained Mind

Science areas to be covered independently of the History/Geography
               1.) Narration page consists of a few facts from information provided prompted with questions.
               2.) Where more curiosity is shown allow for a more in depth look.
               3.) Use bug jars and activity sheet posted often.
               4.) Place all finished activity sheets in a binder.
               5.) Questions that might help a narration and discovery page are:
Does it have a backbone? Does it have fur? Does it have wings? What does its skin feel like? How many feet? What do they look like? How many legs? What does the body look like? What does it eat? Where does it live? How big is it? What do the babies look like? Is it wild or domesticated? Is it endangered?

History & Geography to be combined in lessons as we have previously been doing:
               1.) Narration page.
               2.) Illustration of narration
               3.) Locate geographical area from discussion on globe or map. Label and color.
               4.) File pages away into a binder chronologically.
               5.) Use free time to check out any books from library pertinent to topic.
               6.) Spend more or less time with chapter topics to be more delight-directed.
               7.) Do hands on projects whenever possible.
               8.) Sometimes make binder or journal pages about any extra activities that are done
               9.) Make a 'biography' binder page for the great people of history as encountered.
              10.)On a monthly basis do a review of the previous information covered in binder.