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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Co-op Topics

1/29/2010 : Seasons, Calendars & Time
- kitchen
- I will probably bring a variety of fruit and/or veggies: one representing each season
- I thought about making plain sugar cookies and have the children make a clock on their cookie, maybe with frosting and licorice? I like the fruit and veggie idea better.

2/12/2010 : Weather
- helping Carrie with a craft
- Carrie thought to do a terrarium; I was thinking of maybe a mobile of some sort.

3/12/10 : Stars & Constellations Part 1
- Craft
-Thinking about something that can show the constellations in Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall: Items to use: Paper plates, rivets, paper with the 12 minor constellations

3/26/10 : Stars & Constellations Part 2

4/09/10 : Space Travel

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