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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Swimming Lessons 10-10:45am: Mara says the best part is throwing a toy and swimming after it; worst part is having to swim out to the deep end with her feet up.

Sight Words review

Writing: Alphabet; Said each sound with each letter

Narration: Mara told me the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk

Geography Book: Made a list off all different types of bodies of water including: Oceans, Lakes, Seas, Rivers, Streams, (and man-made pools and ponds) clouds, rain, puddles; learned about straits and  glaciers. Talked about the difference between a lake and a sea. Looked at what 'north,' 'south,' 'east,' and 'west' mean in relation to Indiana.

Poetry: On the Sea Shore

Played Card Games: War and Matching

Reading: Wheel on the School: Chapters 10-11
When we were very young and Now we are six
Mara read Curious George with very little help

Requested from library:  

D'Aulaire books: Ben Franklin, George Washington, Buffalo Bill

When we were very young and Now we are six, A.A. Milne / Recording and book

Arabel's Raven, Joan Aiken / Recording and book!

Arabel and Mortimer, Joan Aiken / Recording and book!

Games for Math : not sure if it's any good, but worth a shot...


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