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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Spring Break over yet? Please, please, please can I do some math?  ....uh, sure... wait... what?

Ginger Pie by Eleanor Estes: We began reading this book over our break, we'll continue this book from Chapter 6.

United States History: Using the new puzzle of the United States for fun, we will begin a unit on the different regions of the United States and learn the names of the states within those regions. 

We read D'Aulaires Christopher Columbus.

Nature Study of Flowers: Begin a poster using Mara's drawings of seeds recording the growth stages of flowers. Review the parts of a flower and have her identify them on several different real specimens outside. We took pictures of the different types of flower growing outside so she can begin learning the names of different flowers: Dandilions, Tulips, Magnolias, Hyacinths, Sweet Peas, and Daffodil. I'm also planning to use the photographs for identification of parts of plants.

Mara is in the middle of some copy work of a story she wrote this morning. I am beginning to realize the importance of more lengthy copy work. Up to this point we've been using doing 3-4 sentences tops, so when she narrated a story of pretty good length to me this morning over breakfast I decided to capture it while doing my morning web scan. Having received a lovely childrens book called Dear Annie from our neighbor this week, Mara is now entranced by the thought of having several pen pals and has been fiendishly trying to write letters to everyone she knows. And this little story will be sent out to one lucky little pal, ahem, Nona.--I did notice some of her frustrations in copying this, a more length entry, she loses her place, but then she goes back to reread what she has done and compares her work to my type. I think it's wonderful so we will continue this effort.

We still have one or two book lefts from the Hooked on Phonics box set borrowed from the library. We will continue this box set until it is time to return them.

And of course we'll have to make room for some mathematics: Quick review of past concepts, then she learned how to use the carrot symbol in greater than and less than equations. This was especially fun since she ate her carrot candy from her Easter basket while she worked away.

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