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Monday, April 5, 2010

Week of Monday, April 5th, 2010: Spring Break!

We finished The Hundred Dresses by Elinor Estes over the weekend and Little House on the Prairie today. Mara was disappointed in the ending however is very interested to find out where they will settle next. I was not planning on reading anymore of these books to her only because I thought she would have more fun in reading them on her own in a couple years, but maybe we'll read them as bedtime stories and not part of school time.

I have a desire to put the house in order and hammer out the details for my Medieval History class so I've declared Spring Break for Mara! She has been playing outdoors nearly all day while I've gotten some much needed reading done. I think we will follow a similar pattern the remainder of the week--so long as the weather holds up. We have Ginger Pie lined up to begin reading this week in our 'spare' time. Though Mara is continuing to water her plants and this morning was amazed at the transformation her little seeds have gone through practically over night. She drew pictures of them this morning.

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