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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 2: August 29 - September 2

Preschool: The letter E

Reading: Storyboard time, E stories from the library: ella, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Nest
Writing: E coloring page, other coloring pages, alphabet board
Mathematics: Counting, Manipulative counting placemat to 3, patterning
Art/Music: Playdough, Egg Carton collection, Elephant song, Make an E egg: use scissors to cut up bits of paper to glue down.

2nd Grade:

Spelling: Lesson 2: Consonants, Go over rule. Read through list. Read Manatee Story. Listen for the sounds exercise. Lion Story and Practice test.
Grammar: Lesson 2, Statements. Incorporate dictation writing w/ grammar lesson. Lesson 3. Oral Composition.
Reading: 15 minutes of Mara read aloud, 15 minutes of quiet reading; Library books, Robin Hood, Persian Folk and Fairy tales.
Writing: Dictate 1 sentence for written work. Check and correct. Demonstrate cursive E. Write in the air. Pgs. 22 and 108 in Cursive wkbk.
Latin: Chapter 13. 10 minutes of teaching 20 minutes of silent working. Verb tenses, Write sum chant 5 times, Exercise C
Mathematics: Unit 1 - 1.8 Demonstrate the types of problems in this Unit. Workbook pages are for Independent work. Check and correct.
Science: Make a helicopter and a parachute; discuss the differences it how they fly
History/Geography: 7th century Islam/Mapwork: Arabian Desert, North Africa
Art/Music: Clay beads jewelry and jewelry box (2 sessions)

Sinbad's Secret
The Tale of Ali Baba and his forty thieves
Arabian Nights: Three Tales
The Tale of Alladin and the wonderful lamp
Arabian nights (audio book)
Arabian Nights, their best known tales
Children's music CD, Arabian Music
"E" books: Elephants, eagles, Easter eggs, eyes, elves, emus, Emperors, Eeyore, Elinor

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