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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

World History 1600-1850

pre1600–1850 - History to cover in conjuction with US History
1444-1510Italian Painter, Botticelli.

Birth of Venus
1452-1519Italian Artist/Inventor/Sculptor/Architect, Leonardo da Vinci.
1454Gutenburg invented his printing press.

1466-1536Dutch scholar Erasmus.
1469-1527Italian writer Machiavelli
1473-1543Polish Astronimer, Copernicus
1475-1564Italian Artist, Michaelangelo
1564-1642Italian Astronomer, Galileo

Belgian Doctor Vesalius
English Doctor Harvey
1600Invention of the telescope and microscope
1642-1727English Scientist Newton
1492First Voyage of Christopher Columbus
1564-1616Life of William Shakespeare
1577-1580Francis Drake sails around the world
1584Walter Raleigh set up colony in Virginia
1603Ends Tudors/The Elizabethans

1623-1639All Europeans, except a few Dutch left Japan

Inventions in Science and Industry
Merchants and Trading
1756-1791 Life of Mozart

Sports and Pastimes : tennis, cock fighting, fox hunting, cricket club, gambling, fencing, shooting, boxing

1700-1800 The Agricultural Revolution
1750-1850 The Industrial Revolution

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