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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Academic Booklist for 2013/2014 School year

It's that time of year again where I begin blogging on a semi-regular basis through January, if I'm lucky. But usually I fall out of sync with our schedule around the holidays and when the holidays are through all I really want to do is sit under a blanket together, snuggle and read! And then it's Spring. And it's glorious. And we play outside and have no time for computers. or blogs. And then Summer comes and I become super excited for the coming year and begin blogging. again. And here we are.


Here is a list of this year's Big Kiddo book choices: (grade 3.5)

Winnie Ille Pu Semper Ludet (The House at Pooh Corner) 
     This book will be the backbone of our Latin study this year. With 2-3 years of formal Latin under our belt I think this will be a nice respite for language study. Using this book 2 days per week, we will stretch this book out over the course of the year.

Easy French Reader 
    Another immersion reading book for language study. We will use this book 2 days per week in language study coupled with another program with audio cds.

French for Children with Three Audio CDs, Third Edition 
     For use 3 days per week. Admittedly a bit disappointed in how thin the workbook is. I'm wondering how long this will last. May have to purchase another program to supplement. We will see how French goes during the first portion of the year. 

The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Volume 4: The Modern Age: From Victoria's Empire to the End of the USSR 
      The text to our World History for the second portion of our year. We will spend the first semester covering the major events of the world's history using a timeline, plenty of crayons, markers and maybe some paint too. I hoping hoping to raise the excitement level of this subject a bit.

The Story of the World Activity Book Four: The Modern Age: From Victoria's Empire to the End of the USSR   
     The accompanying workbook to above text, to be used semester 2.

The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: The Modern Age: Tests and Answer Key (Vol. 4) (Story of the World) 
     A testing guide and answer key to the above text.

Cricket Magazine
    10 issues will be mailed to our home over the course of the school year. We will use this for a portion of school reading time and interaction of content will be expected.

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind: Level 4 Student Workbook (First Language Lessons) 
     A more comprehensive guide and workbook for Grammar studies. In the past we have used Matin Latin to guide our Grammar studies along with English for a Thoughtful Child. I am hoping for a good transition.

First Language Lessons Level 4 Instructor Guide
    This is the instructor guide to the workbook above. I have not had a chance to preview it. I hope it is worth the cost. 

    No change in curriculum here, have been using it for 3 years. I had thought to change this curriculum this year, possibly switching to Rod & Staff or even to use a Spelling Bee guide to choose words, but Mara really enjoys the activities in these books, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, rhyming games and fill in the blanks. I think she craves more workbooks that she can just write in.

Math-U-See Gamma  
     This is a big switch up for us. I've been using Houghton Mifflin and like it. We've tried Abeka and I didn't like it-too much prep time. But this is a different approach than the spiral approach we are used to. This year will be a multiplication focused year. I'm looking forward to the hands-on approach that this curriculum offers.

Ranger Rick Magazine
    We will be using this magazine subscription to supplement Science time. 

Janice VanCleave's Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects
    We will be using this guide to supplement Science.

Beautiful Swimmers
     A book about the water species of the Chesapeake Bay. Hearsay is: it's good Science based literature.

What Your Fourth Grader Need to Know
    I am using this text as a simple guide to help me in my lesson planning.

Well-Trained Mind
    Have I mentioned that I love this book?? I know I have. I check it out from the library each and every summer. Twice. I use this book to refresh my brain on what our school year should look like. And, naturally, as they grow each year I need to read the next chapter of the book. I should really just buy this book!
I will likely be adding to this list as we go, but this is our starting point.

Also, I haven't completely settled on Science this year. Honestly I have been feeling an increasing amount of unrest in this area. I feel the main reason for this is there are so many differing philosophy's on when to actually begin teaching Science as well as what that means in the science field. Technically Mara is in the 3rd grade. When I register her paperwork with the state I will be placing her in the 3rd grade although most of her level work is 4th grade material so I've got some time to figure this out. We would be completely fine to do another year or few of Nature Study and be alright.


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