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Thursday, July 18, 2013

To Kindle or not to Kindle... that is the question.

     This will be our 3rd school year with a Kindle. It's been a great run so far, filled up with bunches of free classics listed on Amazon, and a few paid, though mostly free as we've always operated on a tight budget. Another plus? It's super convenient when we read through books like lightening and can't always make it to the library or the book store to borrow or buy another book right away. (Perhaps a great goal for the coming school year is to learn to savor books a little more.)

     The cons? Well, for one, it's electronic, therefore I'm always hesitant to bring it along where ever we go lest we should break it.
     Two. It's electronic. As with most electronic devices in our house they become sort of... forgotten. (although Lord help me the day I'm separated from my iPod!)
    Three. It's electronic. (yes, you've heard it before) When reading a bedtime story it doesn't have those certain bedtime story sounds... You know, the licking of your finger before turning a paper page. The slight 'smack' sound your mouth might make while keeping momentum with the book when a page is turned. Reading from a kindle tends to be a little robotic.
     So what is this debate about? It seems I have my cards stacked against using the Kindle this year. Well, yes and no.
     The fact is that many of the books I had planned to purchase over the course of the last year I didn't. And conveniently enough they are all right in this little handy electronic device. Our kindle is heavily loaded with books, over 60 to be sorta exact, and many of them are anthologies. I can't even imagine how heavy the actual load would be to physically carry them all at once. So now the chore comes of figuring out what books we should keep and what to toss, the has-beens, the yet to be discovered, the old favorites... It's kind of like cleaning out my closet.

How do you clean out and organize your eDevices?


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