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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Roman Scavenger Hunt.

As a way of getting acquainted with this large, historic, and exciting city, and to get into the habit of recording [our] observations in a sketchbook, I am issuing this challenge: Find as many things on this list as you can, based on the clues provided, and demonstrate that you have seen them in person by making a sketch or other graphical record in situ. 
1.   Four categories of ornamental motifs
         a. Human Figures: (Janus, herms, caryatids, figural frieze, putti, etc.)
         b. Animals: (lions, dolphins, tortoises, falcons, sphinxes, griffins, etc.)
         c. Plants or flowers: (acanthus, laurel, palms, etc.)
         d. Geometrical patterns: (Vitruvian wave, Greek fret, etc.)
2.   Classical orders: column, capital, and entablature
3.   Latin inscription celebrating the patronage of an Emperor or Pope (record the Latin text).
4.   Obelisk with a dove on top.
5.   Pendentive.
6.   La Lupa.
7.   Marble Foot.
8.   Raphael's tomb.
9.   Facade like a face.
10. Mario Praz
11. House of the architect: homes of Maderno, Bernini, Piranesi, etc.
12. Fountain made of books.
13. Talking Statue.
14. Altana.
15. Set of bronze doors from antiquity still in use.
16. Painted facade (fresco decoration).
17. Extreme rustication.
18. Medieval fortification.
19. Example of adaptive reuse of a Roman temple.
20. Keys of St. Peter and the Papal Tiara.

Adapted for our home studies from the Notre Dame Rome Studies Program.

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