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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goals in studying the Human Body

First Grade
10 week Rough plan in progress:
Week 1
  • The five senses
    •  Taste
      • Terrific Taste Buds with Jelly Bellys or Terrific Taste Buds with Liquid solutions
          • A taste bud map, perhaps with blanks to see if she can map her findings, then unveil actual map after activity is done.
          • pencil
          • Gregory the Terrible Eater
    • Sound, Taste, Smell, Touch without sight
  • Body Outline poster
    • add systems and body parts each week
Weeks 2 & 3
Weeks 4 & 5
  •  Digestive System and Urinary System
    • Parts of Chapter 3
    • Tasting and smelling - Why they are important to these systems.
Weeks 6 & 7
  •  Skeletal System and Muscular System
Weeks 8 & 9
  •  Nervous System 
Week 10
  • Things our bodies need to stay healthy
  • food groups
  • washing hands
  • damaging things for our bodies
    • Chapter 5 

  • the five senses 
    • senses to figure out what an object might be
  • understand how heart rate can change with activity
    • learn how to measure heart rate
    • identify a reason why heart rate changes
  • have a basic understanding of the different systems that work together within our bodies
    • skeletal
    • muscular
    • circulatory
    • digestive
    • nervous system
  • have an understanding of the terms we will be using
  • reflexes
    • use activities to test different reflexes
  • things that our bodies need to stay healthy/ what is not good for our bodies
    • food groups
    • washing hands

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