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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Montessori Home for my Preschool aged girls

As I prepare myself in moving from one grade school-aged homeschooled student household into a home with also a preschooler and infant, this are things that are on my mind. I feel like this will be a blogpost that I will frequent a lot, with updates as I figure out what works or what can be done better.

Activity Center Ideas that I know we already have:
  • Music
  • Bead Stringing
  • Playdoh
  • Sensory box
  • Transferring Rice
  • Puzzles
  • Color Mixing
  • Paint
Activity Center Ideas that I may have to get creative to find
  • Posting sticks
  • Mystery Bag
  • Pouring
  • Number recognition with numbers and objects
  • Color recognition with color words and multi-sensory objects
  • Bean Sensory with small cups to scoop and pour
Activity Bags Ideas that can be put together for during school time or brought out in rotation
  • Silly Face bag - with oodles of felt shapes i.e. mouths, noses, mustaches, ears rosy cheeks, velcro google eyes, Yarn Hair and a couple face shapes
  • Counting - Use an egg carton or small plastic cups to draw dots on each cup. Provide beans in bag to be counted into appropriately marked container
  • Pattern beading - with one or several completed pattern pipe cleaners with beads. Provide appropriate number and colors of beads for the same pattern to be completed again.
  • Sorting colored Pasta - provide cups and colored pasta to be sorted
  • Lacing Cards - Print out and laminate fun shapes. Punch holes around perimeter of shapes, add shoelaces to bags for the cards to be laced.
  • Time Bag - Paper plate clock, in bag with index cards with drawn analog and digital format time. Object is for child to make the paper clock match what each index card says.
  • Matching numbers - Use index cards to display numbers 1-10, then provide 10 card with stickers placed with corresponding numbers. Have children match the numbers to the units.
  • Chalkboard
  • Alphabet magnets/small cookie sheet
  • Special coloring pages and crayons
  • Make playdough letters and numbers - have index cards prepared for alphabet and or numbers, after snakes are rolled out children can make letters and numbers by looking at the cards
  • Stained Glass Art - Need small rectangles of waxed paper, and smaller squares and pieces of tissue paper. Tissue can be glue sticked to the wax paper to create artwork to be hung on a window.
  • Shape Matching - An assortment of small shapes. Use the shapes to trace onto index cards. Child will then be able to match the shapes to each card provided.

Ideas for when stinker is just a little older
Setting the table
washing a baby doll

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