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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 3: September 6 - 9

Preschool: The letter L
Reading: Storyboard time, L stories from the library
Writing: L coloring page, other coloring pages
Mathematics: Counting, Manipulative counting placemat to 3
Art/Music: Playdough, Ladybug craft with egg cartons, ladybug songs
More ideas for this week:
  • Construct a lion, 
  • construct a lamb with cotton balls, 
  • Make a large paper L or use a flashcard to hold up during the L words of "Lullaby Dream Pillow,"
  • "L" Felt board
  • Sing lullaby's
  • Make sandwiches in the shape of L's
  • Paper Lantern
2nd Grade:

Mathematics: Unit 1.8 - End Demonstrate the types of problems in this Unit. Workbook pages are for Independent work. Check and correct.
Tuesday: Grouping Property, 3 addends
Wednesday: House/Umbrella numbers, review not equal to, equal to, greater, less
Thursday: Tables
Friday: Math Games
Spelling: Lesson 3: short vowels a and i
Tuesday: Practice Test, read story,
Wednesday: Opposites and rhyming & maybe proofreading exercise on the big board
Friday: Final test, try using bonus words in a complete written sentence.
Grammar: Lesson 4 Questions, Lesson 5 Memorization.
Writing: Dictation on Tue, Wed. Check and correct. This time can also be spent making a collage for poem. Thur, Fri can be Cursive days this week.
Latin: Chapter 14: New Vocabulary. Add to list. Exercise B on Thur, Fri. Review. (More new vocab next week!)
Reading: 15 minutes of Mara read aloud, 15 minutes of quiet reading: Finish Robin Hood this week, More Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Science: Nature's helicopters and parachutes: how seeds are sewn
History/Geography: 8th century Islam and Inventions/Mapwork: Sahara Desert, West Africa
Art/Music: Clay Arabesque jewelry box (2 sessions)


"L" books: lions, Love, letters, leaves, legs, logs, lock, ladybugs, lilies, lilacs, lobsters, lemons, leprechaun, llama,

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