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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 6: September 26 - 30

Preschool: The letter O
Reading: Storyboard time, glue olives on the olive jar after story, stories from the library
Writing: O coloring page, Construct an orange octopus
Mathematics: Counting, Manipulative counting
(Lunch) -snacks: olives, doughnuts
Art/Music: Playdough,  craft,  song

2nd Grade:
Spelling: Lesson 6: 1-5 Review; Lesson 7 - Long vowel A: a_e, ai
Grammar: Lesson 11, Names of people, places and things
Reading: 15 minutes of Mara read aloud, 15 minutes of quiet reading - Water Babies, Secret Garden, The Wise Enchanter
Writing: Dictate 1 sentence for written work. Check and correct.
Latin: Lesson 16 Direct Object nouns: first a quick review of subject nouns and verbs.
Mathematics: Unit 3.4 - 3.9 Addition and Subtraction facts through 20. Demonstrate the types of problems in this Unit. Workbook pages are for Independent work. Check and correct. A study guide has been given for facts 14 - 20.
History/Geography: Chapter 50: Castles
Extra: Prepare a Viking dinner Sunday evening: Fish Steaks, Honey glazed root vegetables, Apple Honey Punch and Berry topped oatcakes for dessert

Porta la via: Math Flash cards, Spelling Test, Sentence work with bonus words, Fun with Castles Project, Latin

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