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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 7: October 10 - 14

We took off a week in school last week as we prepared for our move in town. I may be too optimistic in thinking that we'll be able to continue studies as normal this upcoming week, but we'll see. I have planned for a good amount of wiggle room in our schedule for the year knowing that we'd likely see another move in the near future. So long as Elinor learns the letter "R" this week and Mara reads through her materials this week I'll consider this week as a success.

Preschool: The letter R
Reading: Storyboard time, R stories from the library 
Writing: R coloring page, other coloring pages
Mathematics: Counting, Manipulative counting
Art/Music: Playdough,   Robot craft from recyclables, song

2nd Grade:
Spelling: Lesson 8
Grammar: Lesson 12
Reading: Complete Water Babies; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poetry Focus
Writing: Dictate 1 poem for written work. Check and correct.
Latin: Chapter 17
Mathematics: Unit 3.5 - End Demonstrate the types of problems in this Unit. Workbook pages are for Independent work. Check and correct.

History/Geography: Chapter 50, Castles; Read Bauer History version; Library Books
Art/Music: Create a castle from recyclables, 2 sessions

Porta la via: Castle project. Poetry Memorization,  Spelling Test, Math Pages, Science Project

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