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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 9: October 24 - 28

Preschool: The letter A

Reading: Storyboard time, stories from the library

Writing: coloring page, other coloring pages

Mathematics: Counting, Manipulative counting

Art/Music: Playdough, craft, song

2nd Grade:

Spelling: I haven't ordered this textbook yet.

Grammar: Lesson 8, Oral Composition

Reading: 15 minutes of Mara read aloud, 15 minutes of quiet reading

Writing: Dictate 1 sentence for written work. Check and correct.

Latin: Chapter 19

Mathematics: Unit 4.4 - End Demonstrate the types of problems in this Unit. Workbook pages are for Independent work. Check and correct.


History/Geography: Chapter 52 England 1066


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