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Friday, July 23, 2010

Short and Long Term Goals

1st Grade

(Updated Feb. 1, 2011:
     Dark Green = fairly good understanding of concept
     Yellow = an area of improvement
     Light Green = concept well-covered, but needs continual practice

Reading / Comprehension
  • Chunking phrases of text for better comprehension, instead of mechanically reading word by word
    • More read aloud time, at least 2-4 at her reading level each day, 1 adult assist, anything else I am reading to her at the time.
  •  Make improvements in writing full ideas; not worry how things are spelled... just get the idea on the paper
    • Have a 10-15 minute creative writing time set aside each day: begin Italics
    • Actively model what creatively writing might look like: making mistakes, thinking aloud, etc.
      • Topic ideas might include: Functional writing, Author study, Open Genre, Poetry, Memoir, Revision, Non-fiction, Responses to literature...
  •  Spelling/Vocabulary
    • Continue weekly spelling lists as started last year
    • Vocabulary words will come from various unit studies
Math/Number Goals

  • Time
    • Units to measure time; have a good understanding of this concept
  • Measurement
    • Work with rulers comparing and sorting different objects
  • Numbers up to 100
    • Use pictures/units
  •  Fractions
    • Be able to identify common fractions
  • Addition/Subtraction
    • Begin 2 digit numbers
    • Continue using number sentences with +, -, and =
  • Geometry
    • Using ratios to locate relative positive in a space
  • Work on proper pitch and modulation 
    • Memorization of poetry
      • Shakespeare
      • Any of the poets picked for the term (work toward 4-5 pieces by end of term)
  • Critical listening and responding well to oral communication
    • look for ways to challenge Mara in this area: 
      • active practice in Italian
      • small plays to perform
      • a presentation in front of a casual audience
  • Be able to narrate a story or walk in the correct order sequence

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