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Monday, March 28, 2011

An Extension on our Spring Break

    Last year I remember going through this period as well at this very same time. We hit the end of March and all of a sudden our lives are cranked up 30 notches. Whatever happened to "in like a lion out like a lamb?" for us so the saying is completely backwards! This has everything to do with the fact that Richard and I are in school, I hope. So while I had hoped to have Mara "finish" first grade by the second week of May, we'll probably be looking at the second week of June to give us enough time to wrap everything up that we had planned.
   Some of the things that are keeping us busy this week are swim lessons have been cranked up to a daily lesson. The weather is turning warmer now and we can now spend more time out doors. The thing that always amazes me about taking a more extended break is the ways in which I see natural improvements. Mara has recently taken on a tremendous interest in writing independently, long detailed stories and the events of our day. Her days of the week have up until now been a little rocky, but she has been all of a sudden been able to keep track of what day it is in her head. She has continued, of course, to read daily. She has been rereading all of the books I've already read aloud once. Currently she is in the middle of The Phantom Tollbooth and loving it again. She has actually been devouring these books, reading them quickly, but still stopping when she is unsure of the meaning of a word. 
     While we're not focusing on the curriculum that I had planned right now, she is certainly still learning. I think that is just what happens so very naturally at this age. Just thought I'd check in here and make a post, while I work feverishly at making sure our home is running as smooth as possible during this chaotic time.

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