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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 19: March 7 - March 11

A peak at the Robin Hood manuscript.
In studio from 8:30 - 11:00
Independent Reading:
History/Reading/Writing: Read Chapter 2 in Howard Pyle's Robin Hood aloud.
  • Add Tinker(s), Sheriff(n) to Medieval Occupations sheet
  • Little John Character Sketch
  • Conflict worksheet: Robin Hood/Slain man, Robin Hood/Little John (focus on how Robin Hood was a "good loser",
Mathematics: Website

**Not a lot of time today to get anything accomplished today; Studio from 8:30-11:00, Dr. appointment from 2:00 - 4:00. I think we'll be playing a lot of catch up.

Reading: Robin Hood. Exodus 20:15 Thou shalt not steal
Discussion: The right thing in the wrong way. Some possible topics of discussion include:  What was right about what Robin Hood did?  What was wrong?  Was taking from the rich and giving to the poor "stealing"? If something was stolen from you, and you had to steal it back, would this be right or wrong?
Science: Week 4-The Digestive System: Gregory the Terrible Eater, Selections from Chapter 3 in The Way we Work; 
  • Jelly Bean Experiment; talk about the importance of taste
  • Use Disclosing tablets this week; talk about the importance of healthy brushing
Mathematics: Create a tally sheet and bar graph from your findings in the Jelly Bean experiment.
Grammar: Singulars and Plurals A noun names a person, place or thing. A singular noun refers to one person, place or thing, and a plural noun refers to more than one person, place or thing. Most times, a noun is made plural by adding an s.  Sometimes though there are plural nouns that take on an irregular spelling. The plurals of nouns that end in f or fe are formed in one of two ways. If the final f sound is still heard in the plural form of the word, just add s. Examples are roof (roofs), and chief (chiefs). Sometimes the final sound may be a ve sound, and then you should change the f to ve and add s. Such is the case with the plural for staff, staves. Can you think of any other examples of words that change from f to ves? The plural of knife is knives. The plural of wife is wives. The plural of loaf is loaves. The plural of wolf is wolves
Music: Practice; Review; Next note. 
**Extra time can be spent in adding a few more things to Benjamin Franklin poster for presentation on Friday.

**Journal work, Read How many teeth have you? to both girls, Robin Hood Manuscript and Jelly Bean Experiment completed at Main Street Cafe. I really like being able to have the freedom to take our schooling anywhere we please. We also had a chance to practice presenting and to go over how to make a good presentation for an audience. She is going to do great.

A decorative page for the Robin Hood manuscript.
In studio from 8:30 - 11:00
Independent Work:
History/Reading: Read Chapter 3 in Robin Hood
  • Henry II, Eleanor of Aquataine Notebooks pages (Add this time to Timeline page as well)
  • Medieval Britain map
  • Add 476 as the beginning of the Middle Ages to Timeline page
Reading: Books from library: The Crane Wife, Stone Soup
Writing: Complete entering original poetry into journal
Music: Same as Tuesday; or find a game to play.

**With Dad** work on practicing presentation in a loud, clear voice and talking to her classmates, not the ground. Practice holding up poster, and stating what is behind the flaps of the kite.

Elinor: Memory work, Lacing cards, Coloring, other activity bags.

Co-op Friday:
  • Bring Recorder, Benjamin Franklin Poster and pack a lunch! (email about craft)
**Birthday Party @ 2:30

  • Place teeth, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, large and small intestine on paper Mara; 
  • Place teeth and stomach on paper Elinor 
Swimming: 9am.

Library to do:
  • Return books due
  • Pick up Gregory the Terrible Eater
  • Check out activities
Search Topics:
  • Digestive System
  • Robin Hood picture books
  • King Henry II
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • Brushing Teeth

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