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Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 20: March 14 - March 18

Independent Reading:
A story aloud from A Treasury of Irish Stories, Emily's Everyday Manners
History: Read next Chapter in History: Muhammad, The Beginning of Islam
  • Look at Maps in The Kingfisher Atlas of the Medieval World
  • Discuss the Crusades
Music: Practice 2 songs, 10 minutes

Reading: Alternate stories of Robin Hood; not Howard Pyle's version.
Drawing: Complete Bookmark to turn in to library.
Library: Use library computer to locate topic books; Check out up to 5 additional books of interest
Science: Week 5-The Urinary System: Selections from Chapter 3 in The Way we Work;

Writing: List making for party
Mathematics: Workbook
Latin: Next Unit
Elinor: colors, counting 1-5, ABC's

Go to studio to make paper.
Independent Work: Read Parables from Nature for this week; Read aloud because you'll need to narrate this later in the day.
History/Reading: Read Chapter 5 in Robin Hood.
  • Henry II, Eleanor of Aquataine Notebooks pages (Add this time to Timeline page as well)
  • Medieval Britain map
  • Add 476 as the beginning of the Middle Ages to Timeline page
  • Crusades manuscript page
  • Complete manuscript pages from last week
Reading: Books from library
Writing: Write the lesson of "Daily Bread." Illustrate a scene from the story.
Music: Practice Songs - 10 minutes

Mathematics: Workbook

Latin: Unit pages

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Make Irish Soda Bread
Journal: Write about how St. Patrick used the Shamrock in teaching Catholicism. Draw a shamrock. Color your Shamrock Green.
Writing: Finish cursive alphabet.
Math: Themed Worksheets
Clean up to head out for dinner!
Reading: Read Irish Stories

Writing/Drawing: Continue Robin Hood Manuscript. 
Games: Kids Scrabble, Bananagrams, Bingo



  • Paper Mara and Paper Elinor!
Swimming: 9am.

Library to do:

  • Return books due before the 19th
  • Drop off book mark design
  • Check out new books
Search Topics:
  • Urinary System
  • The Crusades
  • King Henry II
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • First Day of Spring/Parties/Activities/Games/Decorations

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