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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 21: March 21 - March 25

I have been planning this week as an official Spring Break for Mara for several weeks. However I would like to take this time to integrate some educational field trips throughout the week so we can take advantage of this time off our regular schedule.

So here is our "schedule" for Mara's Spring Break week.

Sunday: Officially she is kicking off Spring in style by throwing a First day of Spring party on Sunday, March 20. She has planned and prepared for this party for at least 2 weeks, counting down the days, making numerous flags, paper chains, invitations, party lists, etc. She has checked out a few books from the library, using the catalog and call numbers to find the books, to make sure she hasn't forgotten anything along the way in party planning. I have to say, she's a darn good little party planner.

Monday: I will be in Studio in the morning; then off to another appointment with my midwife in the afternoon at 2. (Beachey's are likely to come over for a visit in the evening.)

Tuesday: We can take today to go to The Snite at Notre Dame; maybe have a picnic if weather permits.

Wednesday: I will be in the studio in the morning; I am trying to reschedule Mara's Saturday swim lesson for this afternoon instead.

Thursday: Possible trip to Bendix Park for a habitat study. Cost $3. Possible trip to Healthworks.

Friday: This would normally be a Co-op day(and this week they are going to the Center for History here in South Bend), but instead we'll be leaving early afternoon for Chicago through Saturday! Perhaps Saturday afternoon we'll go to the Field Museum in Chicago.

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