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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book wish list for 3rd grade

Beginning to think about what books we'll be needing for next year. Among them:

Susan Wise Bauers, A Story of the World 3 With testing guide.

Writing with ease level 3 peace hill press

Math Curriculum- begin looking into these for sure. Houghtan Mifflin has worked well for us so far but I'd like to get more in depth and I need one with a teaching guide.

Audubon Field guides: rocks and minerals, trees, flowers, butterfly's. These are a must.

Children of the New Forest

The Hobbit

Perhaps a children's cookbook would be fun.

We have many of the books we'll be using next year. Nothing new is needed for Elinor yet that I can think of. She'll be 3 and not yet ready for level 0 work. We can keep working on the things we are already doing.

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