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Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 18 Jan 23-27

Reading: continue the song of Roland. Independent reading The Long Winter,

Spelling: words with sh and th.

Think along: no think Alongs this week

Grammar: The Lion and the mouse, written narration.

Cursive: the letter h

Science: plan garden space

Mathematics: decide of we need more time in subtraction or move forward. We've been working away at this lesson for some time. Im not going to rush it, though we should be finished next week.

History: China- week 2 the Chinese, silk & spice trade. Chinese new year begins January 23 this year, plan accordingly. The local public library had a "dragonology" themed night appropriately on Monday evening. Riddles, scavenger hunt, painting and more. So fun.

Latin: lesson 18: possessives

Catechism: Select passage for memorization

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