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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trimester Two

Our second 12 week trimester is already in full swing, but since we have not had any Internet for some months, I am just now playing catch up with my handwritten notes. Here is what we are working on this term: Reading: Beowulf, Seamus Haney translation. Mara is writing her own version of the epic poem as the story unfolds to recite as she were a court jester. She is also practicing music pieces for the poem and having great fun with it. Science: create a terrarium and record observations. Plants can be added when found. Later in the term we'll be tapping a maple tree and making maple syrup. Handiwork: learn the symbols of sewing patterns, make pillows or doll clothes. Writing: we will be continuing dictation pieces, cursive writing, copy work as well as opportunities for creative writing. Grammar: Spelling: Monday/ Friday Think Alongs: Tuesday-Thursday Memorization: catechism and poetry. Mathematics: continue in workbook. On schedule .

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