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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breathing new life into our old curriculum

A trip to the Indiana Dunes gave us so many new topics to explore. I had been particularly worried  since our extended Spring break falling back into our old curriculum just didn't seem to come as naturally as I had hoped. With all the extra time on my hands since school let out it seemed we could be making better use of our free time. I am pleased and feeling rejuvenated in my desire for homeschooling.

Mara just adored all of the ladybugs.

While I enjoyed watching the little bank swallows fly about their nests. 
Here are some of their nests:

A Red Admiral Butterfly certainly caught our attention as we were leaving the park:

And speaking of Red, how about that beautiful Columbine covering so much of the ground along so many of the trails?

We began the story A Cricket in Times Square by George Seldon while on the beach. I think this is the perfect story to begin a lesson on insects. Mara was quite a ham this evening showing off her knowledge on constellations, so as we had planned earlier in the Spring I think this is a topic we will explore more of in the coming weeks.

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