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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17th 2010

Sentence structure in writing. We covered beginning a sentence with a capital letter and then ending a complete thought with period. We are using emotions words to make complete thoughts and sentences. These words will also begin our spelling unit. Mara has 10 words to learn with an eleventh 'bonus' word to learn by the end of the week

Our words are: happy, sad, angry, jealous, grumpy, mad, glad, loved, annoyed, hurt, embarrassed

Using a composition book we are neatly writing sentences and then making illustrations.

Math: We used tally marks to count heads and tails for a penny toss, then graphed our findings. We used our 'math language' (less than, more than, equal to) to discuss our findings. Writing numbers were also practiced in doing these exercises.

We began Mr. Popper's Penguins over the weekend on our camping trip. We might finish this book up today or sometime tomorrow.

And we have begun making a sock puppet!  Mara has a wonderful dialogue with our next door neighbor, Miss Kathy. They share stories and write letters to each other. Miss Kathy loves to share photographs to Mara by hanging them to her front door. When Mara walks by she always enjoys seeing something new each day, whether it is a beautiful butterfly, a nesting goose, a budding flower... Well today a picture of a cozy couple of sock puppets was chosen. Needless to say it certainly sparked Mara's interest make one. Today we cut all of our pieces and collected our embellishments. Tomorrow we will begin the stuffing and the sewing.

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