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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Notes from Week 4

Monday Notes:  
Grammar: Explain Verbs. Learn the verb song. Make a verb list
Mathematics Pages 131, 132 Workbook (Yay! Subtraction is really making sense!) It is so neat to be able to see progress in action.
History Chapters 27, 28, 29, 30 read straight though. We will be doing history related activities each day this week, so we wanted to get through the reading.
Journal: About our walk this morning, bible verse.
Spelling Quiz 

Tuesday Notes:
Went to the Santa Susanna Lending Library first thing in the morning. Then went to the playground to collect found objects for a science project this afternoon.
Grammar: Verbs. Verb Song. Simple Past, Present, Future exercise.
Science: Read Chapter. Make Fossils with playdough and objects found during today's walk
Journal: Write about our walk to the library this morning
History: Read Supplemental book "The Greek and Roman Eras"
Mathematics: Tuesday: Pages 133, 134 Workbook.
Language: Italian: Guarda e Parla Body Parts

Wednesday Notes:
Grammar: Verbs exercise, spotting them in sentences.

Journal: Write about your favorite parts in The Wind in the Willows.
Activity: Begin making Tragedy and Comic Masks.
Try learning a couple new songs: Molly Malone, Early One Morning.
In the afternoon we took a walk to the Aventine Hill, where we were able to take a look inside of several churches and through the keyhole at the Knights of Malta. Then we relaxed under the citrus trees on the park on the hill, began The Wolves of Willoughby Chase while Mara worked on another journal page.

Thursday Notes:
We are trying to get in the habit of changing our daily walks from being in the afternoon to early morning. By doing this it provides us a chance to actually be able to visit the insides of churches, beat the heat and the majority of the tourists. I have noticed that it also takes a great deal more coordination, organization and motivation to get all of out of the house before 10AM. Nonetheless this is what we're doing and we succeeded today. So I am hoping get rhythm is this new schedule. 

   Before our group walking tour of the city, I managed to sneak out of the house without the girls on a trip to the open market on Via della Copelle. On my way home I found a small store that sold school and art supplies where I purchased some watercolors and school glue for Mara. We will be able to finish those tragedy and comic mask that we started yesterday.
   Aside from that, this is our plan for the remainder of the day:
  • Finish Doric Column Journal Page
  • Work on History: Big Review, Time line, Talk about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, Golden age
  • Read more the Wolves of Willoughby Chase
  • Read bits from second supplemental history book
  • The Goose who laid the golden egg.
  • Finish Masks
Friday Notes:
   This morning had every intention of starting our day with a trip to the Coliseum. This was to be the first time actually going inside for us. Afterward we had plans to picnic on Palentine Hill and walk through the Roman Forum. However by the time I was able to usher everyone out of the house and make it to the Arch of Constantine, it was already a quarter past 11. Crowds were becoming thick and so we changed our game plan to make our way to San Clemente and San Giovanni in Lateranne. We missed Santi Quattro Coronati along our way, but I have every intention on going back while we're here, because I'd like to go in the lower portion of San Clemente.
   This afternoon we haven't much left on our list for the week that I wanted to cover. Mara seems to have a good grasp on the information presented this week and is ready to move on. She still has a bible verse journal page that can be finished today and I imagine she will want to do a separate journal page for our morning trip. We should have a subtraction wrap-up as well as read more of the Wonderbook and The Wolves of Willoughby Chase before bed. Mara also worked on some copy work on the back side of her tragic and comic masks. Using three different books as her sources of information, she is essentially independently writing a report. I haven't told her about plagiarism yet, much of it is word for word copywork, but hey, she's five. I think when she finishes these us we'll make a poster or lap book from them. The are really quite nice.

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