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Monday, October 4, 2010

Week of 10/4/10

Grammar - Verbs. 
    Monday: Learn the verb song. Sing song each day this week. Make a verb list
    Tuesday: Exercise A Chapter 4.
    Wednesday: Simple Past, Simple Present, Future Game. Verb Song, Chant, Review
    Thursday: Song, Chant, Review
    Friday: Song, Chant, Review

Mathematics - Addends, Differences, Fact Families
    Monday: Pages 131, 132 Workbook use real money for additional exercise
    Tuesday: Pages 133, 134 Workbook.
    Wednesday: Math/ Fact Family Game
    Thursday: Math/ Fact Family Game
    Friday: Math/ Fact Family Game

History: Chapters 27, 28, 29, 30 Topics to add to Timeline: Pelopenesion War, Parthenon, Greece, Alexander the Great
               **Concentration on Greece this week. 
               Activity: Make tragedy and comic masks
               Doric Columns; Parthenon
               Learn the Greek Gods and Goddesses
               Eat Greek Food: Greek Yogurt, olives, feta cheese (we eat these things all the time… maybe make an entire Greek Dish… falafel, cucumber dip)

Bible Verses: Proverbs 27:23, 27:24

Journal Ideas for this week: Doric Columns, Tragedy Masks, The Wind in the Willows,

Science: Tuesday read: Chapter #6 Life's Family Tree 
                 Terms: Fossils, Genes, Genetics
                 Tuesday Afternoon Activity: Make fossils from homemade Playdough, using found objects from outside.
                  Perhaps make a family tree this week while talking about Genes.

Literature: Finish up Wind in the Willows, Begin new book: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. Continue with Tanglewood Tales, Burgess Animal Book, Look up this week's Island Story

Poetry and Prose: Natures Parables, Look up this week's Poem, Think about doing an actual Poet study this week if there is time. Where is the poet from, male or female, what era is he from, what type of poetry he wrote…

***Other things things to consider this semester: begin artist study on Michelangelo; do a lap book for this, may consider doing a study on the etruscans focus one week: Veii, Sabines, etc each week while we're here. Consisting of a little bit of daily research and doing at least a journal entry page for each Italian tribe.

***Write down information regarding the Santa Susanna Borrowing Library here in Rome, Take Mara to this Library to check out the children's section on these topics.

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