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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 5: 10/11/10 - 10/15/10

Grammar - Conjugating Latin Verbs.  Lesson 5. 
    Monday: Begin with review of Singular and Plural/ 1st, 2nd, 3rd Person Pronouns. Go through lesson pages 22, 23 in full detail.  Latin verb chant, with several of the examples in exercise A on page 24. 
    Tuesday: Review from Monday. Exercise A. Chant.
    Wednesday: Review the endings from the latin verb meaning "to call" Have Mara make a chart and complete exercise B.  This might take 2 days to complete. 
    Thursday: Think about if another day is needed for Wednesday's exercise. Chant.
    Friday: Chant. Perhaps a verbal review/quiz.

Mathematics - In honor of the date 10/10/10 this week, we will be learning addition and subtraction using numbers through 10! I finally feel comfortable moving Mara into unit 6.  These are much of the same types of exercise we have been working on for the last two weeks, but are bringing 7, 8, 9 and 10 into the picture. Terms: Fact family, addend, function tables
    Monday: Pages 137-140 Workbook. 
    Tuesday: Pages 141-146 Workbook.
    Thursday: 147 - 151
    Friday: 152-162

HistoryChapters  31, 32  Review of Alexander the Great. Look at the Map. Begin talking about Carthage and Rome. The Punic Wars, in particular the first and second Punic Wars 265-241, 218-201, 149-146bc
     Topics to add to Timeline: First and second and third Punic Wars. ((Double check: Alexander the Great is on the Timeline, as well as the Persian Wars 490-450bc, Sumer Civilization 3200bc))
               **Concentration on The Punic Wars  this week. 
              Review Questions and Answers:  
                      Rome and Carthage fought for many years in the Punic Wars. At first, Carthage had the advantage because they had navy soldiers who knew how to sail ships. Romans learned how to build ships by having found a shipwrecked Carthaginian ship along their shore. Hannibal was a famous general from Carthage. Scipio was the man who finally defeated him. How did the Carthaginians sneak into Italy? They came in over the Alps. What unusual thing did the Carthaginians use to attack the Romans? Elephants. How did the Roman general get the Carthaginians to leave Italy? He attacked the city of Carthage. Who finally won these wars? Rome.         

Bible Verses for copy work and memorization: John 3:16

Journal Ideas for this week
  • Draw a map of Italy and the surrounding areas, include the areas of Macedonia and Carthage.
  • Visit San Pietro in Vincoli. Draw Michaelangelo's Moses. 
ScienceRead Six Kingdoms of Life. 
     Activity: Make a lapbook or minibook this week to represent the six kingdoms of life.

Literature: Finish up the Wolves of Willoughby Chase.  Begin The Phantom Tollbooth, Continue with Tanglewood Tales, Burgess Animal Book, Look up this week's Island Story

Poetry and Prose: Natures ParablesAesop's Fables, Learn about Aesop.

*** No poem this week....Look up this week's Poem, Think about doing an actual Poet study this week if there is time. Where is the poet from, male or female, what era is he from, what type of poetry he wrote…

Sing an Elephant song this week!! In spanish and english.

One Elephant went out to play,
Upon a spider's web one day.
He had such enormous fun,
That he called for another elephant to come!
Two elephants went out to play...

Un elefante se balanceabe
sobre le tela de una arana,
como viea que resistia
fue a llamar a otro elefante.

Dos elfantes se balanceaben
sobre la tela de una arana
como veian que resistia
fueron a llamar a orto elefante.

Tres elefantes...
Cuatro elefantes...

Draw out an E is for Elephant page for Elinor to color on this week.

***Other things things to consider this semester: begin artist study on Michelangelo; do a lap book for this, may consider doing a study on the etruscans focus one week: Veii, Sabines, etc each week while we're here. Consisting of a little bit of daily research and doing at least a journal entry page for each Italian tribe.

***Think about topics to explore at the Santa Susanna lending library. See if Mara can play a more active role in picking out books pertaining to chosen topics. Topics: Punic Wars, Six Kingdoms of Life, Elephants, Michaelangelo

***Italian Simon Says. Italian duck, duck, goose.  Think about translating a few games into Italian to play at the playground.

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