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Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 5 Notes

Monday Notes: 
History: Read Chapters 31, 32. Add the Punic Wars to time line. 
Writing: Journal page: Draw a map of Italy. Color water in blue. Show the cities of Rome, Carthage, Athens, Sparta, Troy.
Grammar: Begin with review of Singular and Plural/ 1st, 2nd, 3rd Person Pronouns. Go through lesson pages 22, 23 in full detail.  Latin verb chant, with several of the examples in exercise A on page 24.
Science: Read through Chapter. Introduction to the six Kingdoms. We will begin lap books later in the week for each of the kingdoms.  Something else to think about is to use fossils made last week to see if we can make impressions with them this week now that they are dry.
Mathematics: Monday: Pages 137-140 Workbook. 
Reading: The Phantom Tollbooth 

Tuesday Notes:
Go to S. Susanna and S. Maria della Vittoria first thing in the morning. Return library books to S. Susanna's lending library and check a few new ones. Then walk to Porta Pia. Go home for lunch then go with friends on another walk to Villa Borghese.
Science: Continue working on the beginning of the lapbook started yesterday.
Mathematics: continue workbook
Writing: Bible verse journal page
Grammar: Latin Verb Chant.
Reading: The Phantom Tollbooth

Wednesday Notes: 
Go back to San Clemente, Ss. Quattro Coronatti, and the Bapistery. We thought we'd do this tour once again to take it a little slower and to actually take the time to visit the extras in these churches. We got back late in the day and had every intention to continue our progress for this week however we all fell asleep in the middle of reading the Phantom Tollbooth -- and not because the story was boring -- but we were all just really tired! Mara worked some on her math in the evening, and went over the review questions for the Punic wars. We sang our elephant songs though with not much gusto.

Thursday and Friday Notes:
Thursday we did a day trip to the Coliseum, picnicked on the Palatine and took a stroll through the Roman Forum. Needless to say the energy level we've been feeling all week was prevalent on this trip and our return to get into the groove of school work. After we made it back home, the girls and I were ready to nap! We did however read more of the Phantom Tollbooth. What a great story. We finished this book up on Friday. I thought this was perfect timing to read. As Mara has learned about pronouns, and verbs and nouns she was able to laugh freely at many of the grammar and word jokes throughout the book. She did finish up a couple journal pages and we began a city collage on Ancient Rome. We began reading An Ancient Roman Alphabet Book very informative and covers a wide range of topics that have been covered in the history book.  We began a paper chain of Roman soldiers to add to our lesson this week in the Punic wars. 
       Elinor has been proving to be very difficult to coax out of the house for our early morning walks. Sure this was week one... but I think I'm going to try to change our schedule once again. Taking our walks first thing in the morning leaves us tired in the late afternoon and doesn't give us enough time or energy for our schoolwork. Next week I'm not forcing the scramble to get out of the house before 10am. I'll be taking into consideration what we hadn't finished this week for next week.  Richard is away all next week for his tour of Northern Italy so it's just the girls and I to do as we please and find our own schedule.

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