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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Music and Music Theory

First Grade
As mentioned in numerous other posts, I have been in no way comfortable with teaching music, however I am trying to tackle this topic as I would any other since I do feel that is an important one. I just taught my first music lesson yesterday and while it is probably a little too soon to tell if I've got a little music prodigy on my hands, the lesson has given me hope that with a little preparation, as with any other topic, I am fully capable of teaching beginner's music with results. Although, someone with years of experience may beg to differ.

Over the course of this term, the goals I'd like to set for Mara are:

  • To become comfortable with the different sounds on model, Yamaha Soprano Recorder YRS-24B
  • To have a knowledge of the parts and the functions of her musical instrument.
  • To have an understanding of pitch and sound
  • To begin to read music and know how to finger each note properly
  • To be able to play a scale as a part of an enjoyable daily practice
  • To become fluent with tempo and rhythm
  • To learn a few simple songs by heart
  • Responsibility of daily practice and cleaning the instrument

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