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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 15: February 7 - 11

   In studio from 8:30 - 11:30.
Mara - Independent reading in the morning: Harold the Herald and other book about Heraldry. Finalize plans for your shield. Pilgrim's Progress, Castle,
Elinor - Assisted coloring, playdough and have stories read to her.

After lunch:
Latin: Imperfect Tense in Latin; lesson 12; review last round of Latin nouns; begin illustrations of new latin verbs. Play a charades type game to help with learning these new verbs. 
Math:: Quick Check: A quiz on mixed addition/subtraction problems single digits through 10. Then begin lesson on adding one digit to two digit numbers. Pages 229, 230.
Activity: Begin Valentine's felt bracelet to wear on Friday to Co-op.
Writing- Name, Address, Vowel Detective
Science - The differences between the different types of Animals. How and why?
Spelling -  lizard, snake, tortoise, giraffe, turkey, hamster, goat, turtle, toad, rabbit **elephant, pigeon
Continue Bedtime book: Treasure Island

She can carry her Valentine's with to Friday's Field Trip right inside that little pocket!

Math: A lesson on adding two digits to two digit numbers. Pages 231, 234.
Music - The recorder is a Woodwind instrument. Discuss the properties of Sound. How do Musical instruments produce sound?  The parts of the recorder. Review last week's assignment; Begin instruction for first song.
History-Chapter 43: Benedictine Monasteries, Illuminated Manuscripts,
Questions # 1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 Why were books so expensive during the Middle Ages?
Reading - Pilgrim's Progress
Activity: Make a list and Work on Valentine's
Latin: Play Latin Charades

AM: In studio - Independent Work - Coloring pages 33, 34 illuminations. Benjamin Franklin. Begin making a list of things you could put inside a Benjamin Franklin shadow box. Think about how you might be able to make some of these things, e.i. a kite.
Reading - Choose your own adventure, and anything else.
Writing - Complete Valentine's to give to classmates on Friday.
Today we really took it easy. I had a complete lack of energy today, and thought this morning that we haven't had any "snow" days when all the local school districts have. So I thought we were at a good point to have a fun day. We made rock candy and cookies(integrating a little math and science)... and napped :)

Mara is with dad; topics they should be covering American History topics: pre-Revolutionary War: Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere -  and read and work on Benjamin Franklin project due March 11. (Possibly Journal a page to write key points about Ben Franklin.)

Elinor and I have been busy, busy putting a long over due School bulletin board together. 
(Crummy pictures, but I'm so proud!)

Our School Calendar. I may add a little spot for the weather observation.

The teens are between 10 - 20.

School Days Count... wow, 75 days!
We were also trying out a few of our new preschool activity bags. 

Co-op - Field Trip today to the Elkhart County Historical Museum in the AM. This was a great experience. Though I wouldn't mind a more intimate tour another time to really see everything a little closer. First the children dyed a bit of fabric before getting a lovely tour, where they were even able to sit in a one-room schoolhouse classroom. Mara was eager to participate and to offer her assistance when needed. After the tour the children all made simple corn husk dolls and experienced writing with quills and nib-pens. Writing with feather quills lent itself nicely to what we've been doing at home as we've just begun taking a look at illuminated manuscripts.

Afternoon: The Sword in the Stone

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