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Monday, March 15, 2010

And what is Elinor up to?

Elinor is eating 1-2 solid meals each day now along with regular nursing. After purchasing a little wooden high chair, we started with Rice Rusks since she was so interested with what was happening at the dinner table. I've been using my garlic press to quickly press out a little serving of steamed carrots or baked sweet potato. She loves them both. She's a fan of bananas, oatmeal, and both of them mixed together. Not a fan of applesauce. She is a fan of picking the little bits of things off the floor and eating those too. I bought an avocado today, not ripened yet, but we might give that a try a little later in the week.  Here's a little chart I've been using to peek at the delicious things she is now ready for. I've omitted all things dairy for obvious reasons and am also taking it slow on introducing new things to her since she's shown us how very sensitive she is.  She is also crawling around where ever she pleases and adores a couple books of baby faces we found for her.

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