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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Field Trip to Ethos.

This turned out to be a great local resource. Non Profit and run by teachers in the Elkhart Community Schools and Fort Wayne Community Schools, Ethos is generally not open for public visits.

Our tour began with a introduction to some animals by Mr. David Emery. 
The children were all given an opportunity to observe, answer and ask questions and even touch the parakeets, 


a constrictor, 

a map turtle, 

and a tarantula. 

We were then led to view fish, and lego robotics. After a quick break we were all escorted into a planetarium where the children could lie down on their backs and have a personal tour of the "stars." Afterward the children were let loose on a scavenger "discovery" hunt where fifteen different stations are set up to provide hands on scientific experiments. The "Whisper Tube", "Pedal Power", "Bernouli Blower" and "Puff" were just some of the exhibits Mara and I really enjoyed. I have to say for the group of us with children ages 2 - 9, Ethos was fabulously entertaining for everyone, even the chaperons.

We will have to send a thank you note for hosting us.

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