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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Read: The Velveteen Rabbit, Little House on the Prairie chapter 2, and other Easter stories and poems.

Bible Study: we read and talked about The Last Supper.

Hooked on Phonics combination sounds for around 20 minutes, then she read book #15 and #17 to me. She did a great job, stumbling a little on the word "bobcat" but I think that was because she was trying to make the 'bc' make it's own noise.

We bought a couple more supplies for our window gardens. Which I think we'll be able to begin today.

We sneaked some number practice (numbers 4-8) in while dinner was cooking next door. We worked on problem solving out of our workbook.

And even had a little time to start our seed project and write about the things that plants need. We've only started Sweet Peas so far but we're comparing it with the pit of an avocado and recording it as a picture journal.

Since we've had people in and out today because of our gas-leaking oven, we have been battling many interruptions, trying to get through our school work. So I sent Mara outside to play and she drew several pictures of the budding magnolias outside. (Ha, ha, Mom Snow Day!) What we normally get through in a couple hours took all day.

And, I almost forgot. Mara practiced her Cassiopeia poem today along with a review of the things she'll be reporting on in class. She also practiced reading the book she'll be reading to her class for 'show and tell' this Friday.

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