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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday March 17 & 18, 2010

Wednesday:  Mara was invited to a classmates birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday. We enjoyed the day, wore some green for St. Patrick and had a lot of fun.

Thursday:  Mara's choice: she took a box and placed inside the things she wanted to learn about today. I admit that it was largely due to the fact that I might have had a bit of leprechaun infused green cider last night and was a little less than motivated to pull together all my resources this morning... excuses aside, we still managed to squeeze some studies in.
So what did she place inside of her box?
A flower.
A globe.

Not bad. Nature study, Geography and Literature. And I hardly prepared a thing. Afterward we worked some on her Cassiopeia project, reviewing the important points about the constellation and Mara worked some on her poem for recitation. She has decided she would like to read the class a story for her show and tell next week too.

Then we spent the rest of the day making egg carton critters 

and looking at rainbows on our walls.

And! I almost forgot. We picked up a few more books from the library, most are from our booklist:

Peter Pan
Velveteen Rabbit
Easter Treasures
d'Aulaires Pocahontas
Classic Stories for Children illustrated by Eric Carl
Make Way for Ducklings
I also picked up a Hooked on Phonics box set from the library which we'll probably start on Monday.

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