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Friday, September 10, 2010

Classification: Chapters 1, 2

Each chapter is meant to last one week with some exceptions to the shorter/lengthier chapters. Allowing at least two weeks for Fungus and three weeks for Plant and Animals respectively.

Terms from our book: The Kingdoms of Life: Classification Chapters 1, 2
The Naming Game
Classifying Life

Classification: the process of grouping things according to their characteristics

Taxonomy: the process of classifying living things

            1.) By explaining the classification organizing things into groups, make the comparison of all the different types of stores, grocery, toy, hardware, etc. Have Mara organize pictures of items into their stores, then explain that the different Kingdoms are the different 'stores'. Then continue to use this analogy with the different aisles within each store, produce, meat, cereal, ethnic, etc. Make a trip to a supermarket to see if Mara can identify why different foods are placed together.

1.) Carolus Linnaeus was a Biologist from Sweden who developed the system we use today to name and classify organisms.

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  1. yeah! you get to start with your schooling. I know that you've be really anxious to start.
    You have been in my thoughts all day yesterday & today. Hope that the traveling went well. I can't wait to hear that you've arrived safe & all is well.


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