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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Roman Scavenger Hunt Update.

We left this morning around 9:30 shortly after Richard left for class for our Roman scavenger hunt. Armed with backpacks full of our supplies for the day, comfortable shoes on our feet and in hand a map and a camera, I suppose we should have shot a group photo on our way out of the door.

Mara had absolutely no trouble at all spotting the different categories of ornamental motifs on buildings:
Human figures


Plants and flowers

Geometric patterns

Early on in our trip we discovered all three major orders of Columns:


(Apparently I took no picture of Ionic.)



However, we became distracted in our journey by the very large Monument of Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza Venezia. We stopped here to take plenty of pictures and took a quick tour of the inside (free) museum to escape the heat. Realizing that both girls were getting hungry, I began thinking about an easy lunch and since we were so close to Largo Argentina, I thought it would be a good opportunity to grab some prosciutto, pane and apples and have a picnic lunch near where some “wild cats of rome” might be spotted!

After we were recharged, we got back on track for Piazza Navona where we found 

an Obelisk with a dove on top 

and plenty of fresco.
Then we continued to make our way nearer to the Pantheon to knock a few more things off our list.

A set of bronze doors from antiquity.

and Rapheal’s Tomb.

We had intended to go up to the Trevi Fountain again today, but wondered into San Ignazio instead and then the gelato in the Piazza della Pilotta, well, it just couldn’t be passed up. So home we came, and my feet are killing me!

Although, while we were eating our gelato, 

Mara did happen to point out La Lupa...
he counts right, even if she's on a poster?
She just can't figure out why Romulus couldn't find something better for his brother to do.

Oh, and check out this toy display. I was too afraid to go in for fear of whipping out my credit card... 
As we stopped to look at all the dolls, miniature cakes and goodies quite a crowd of older italian ladies assembled all around us pretending to look at the dolls,
but I know they came to say "Ciao!" to Mara and Elinor.

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