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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frascati Scienza

It is so convenient as a homeschooling parent that there are opportunities everywhere for my children to learn. I must say it really makes my job easy peasy. So even when we don't follow the game plan to a tee, I needn't worry.

Yesterday we took a short train trip to a town just about 20km outside of the city called Frascati. We arrived midday while many of the shops were closed but had intentions from the start on going to one of several beautiful villas in the city. 

We immediately headed for the most obvious one, with 3 adults and 5 children 6 and under it was probably to our advantage to keep our sites in plain view, Villa Aldobrandini.

The climb was steep.

But forgiving, once we reached the top.

And spent much of the day lounging and playing in the quiet of the gardens while the children ran freely among acres of property.

We decided to try an exit different from the way we entered the property, however upon reaching the gates we found them locked, much to Mara’s disappointment.  
(Instead of a picture of Mara's pouty face I put in a picture of Elinor's "Andiamo!" expression.)

On our way back to the piazza from where our journey began we found the entire place had come alive with people and shops and a spectacular insect exhibition sponsored by Erasmus MC, called Frascati Science. Here the children got a first hand lesson, in both Italian and English, about bugs.

Walking Sticks


Meal Worms and so much more. 

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