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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So much to do, So much more to see.

I need to write down every little thing for fear I may forget something and a memory might slip through the cracks!  Our internet connection seems to be far from pleasing, practically at a crawl in most places of our house, though as I am typing this up I seem to have a great connection speed.

We spent much of today reviewing and adding to what we have gone over so far.

We went through the 8 rules of Capitalization - I reminded Mara that she already knew at least 3 or 4 of these rules, so she only had about 4 to go! I also gave her an exercise that she was to correct the errors in three sentences using the rules of Capitalization. This was a bit challenging for her, but I think we'll try another couple sentences tomorrow.

Noun review: I cut out many different nouns and Mara had to sort them into their respective categories: Person, Place, Thing, or Idea.

It was pretty at church. The Priest talked about C.S. Lewis.
She wrote in her daily journal. I thought it was pretty cute that of all the things she could have written about, she decided to write about how beautiful the church was for Sunday night's mass (service was in English) and that the priest talked about C.S. Lewis.

I also wanted to mention that a good friend of mine gave us a book called, Tooth Fairy's First Night, by Anne Bowen. It was a favorite of Mara's prior to leaving for Italy (we couldn't take it with us) and so inspiring that with this second tooth that Mara lost, just last week, she wanted to save this tooth for the Italian tooth fairy. Just like in the book, Mara made small riddled treasure hunt for the Tooth Fairy to find her tooth. Here are her riddles:
In my bed you’ll find something furry, he likes to growl, but don’t you worry. (A lion!)
He’s black and gray, has wings and a beak. He likes to swim, but doesn’t speak. (A penguin!)
This little girl is dress in blue, If you can find her I have just one more clue. (Elinor's little doll!)
If you went here you’d want a book, but you may find my tooth if you take a look. (Her tooth was on the bookshelf!)
The Fatata de denti also left small clues for an early rising five-year old the next morning, but they weren't half as clever ;)

Proverbs 20:11

Proverbs 31:31

Reading:  Nathaniel Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales - Oh, this book is so enjoyable to read! I wish it to never end.
Mara is reading The Burgess Animal Book for Children, Chapter One, Paragraphs 1-3. After her reading I asked her questions about the story. I then read that part of the story aloud to her and again ask questions pertaining to the story.

Project Cuneiform with silly putty and a stick. The silly putty worked great, through I wish we had some play dough... (note to self, duh, make some.) With that said, I was wishing we had a larger format to write a message to friends with. While we can't deliver our message, we can try to take a picture of it to email. Or post on blogger.

I also wanted to make a note that in The Wild Cats of Rome by Elizabeth Cooper, the story has references to some iconic monuments of Rome, 

The Coliseum

 The Trevi Fountain

Michaelangelo's Moses

 --all of which are within easy walking distance.  I will have Mara do a small study on each of these within the coming weeks. We are starting with the Coliseum. We took a walk there just yesterday. So yay.

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